Anti-Pullout System / Punishment pins

New to the chastity world is our new anti-pull out system. This system can be added as an option to most of our models. The system is easy to use simply put on the base ring slip on the chastity and begin to engaged the locking post and ring. Insert the anti-pull out pin into top hole and lock into place with the base ring. It is that easy!

This system comes with 3 different pins. You choose from the nine available. Extra pins can be purchased for $10.00 each.  To add this option to an existing device or one that is in the process of being made, the price will be $80.00 + $20.00 for remaking the ring.

Options: Please pick 3 DIFFERENT pins to be worn 1 at a time.

Small, medium, and/or large blunt.

Small, medium, and/or large criss-cross pattern cut into the end of the pin (warning – the criss cross pins may cause small abrasions from extended use).

Small, medium, and/or large Spike. (Spikes will cause intense pain upon erection.)

Please note:
The anti pull out option is only available on the following devices with the MINIMUM sizes below:
inside diameter 1  1/4   length 1  1/2    or larger
Queens Keep
inside diameter 1  1/4  length 1  3/4  or larger
Watchful Mistress
inside diameter  1  1/8   length  1  3/4 or larger
Pet Trap
inside diameter 1  1/8  length  1  3/4  or larger
the Mature Metal anti-pullout system is not an option on THE DUNGEON male chastity device.

Order Anti-Pullout / Punishment Pins Anti-Pullout @ $80.00

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