Jail Bird

The JAIL BIRD male chastity device is our most popular design. The stainless steel bars are very rigid. They will not bend or pinch. Combines comfort with security, and great looks. Has a very low profile that is easy to hide under clothing and is perfect for 24/7/365 wear.

The open design makes it easy to clean without removing the cage. This makes it possible to wear the device indefinitely. Great for Internet or long-distance relationships.

Customizing your Jail Bird

The punishment pin  and the security screws options are available for this item.  The Jailbird must be 1 1/4″ inside diameter or larger and a length of at least 1 1/2″ for the punishment pin option to fit.

The cage for Jailbird can be built with more than just the two rings. Please see the final image on the gallery below for an example. Extra rings are priced at $80 each.  Any Jailbird over 2″ in length can have the cage made with three rings.  3″ in length or longer can have a total of four rings.  Depending on the length of the cage, the punishment pin option may be able to be added.  If you have any questions about these options, please feel free to email us.  

Please know that a proper size lock should sit sideways.

Build time is 6-8 weeks from date of order.
Please email your rush request to maturemetal@grandecom.net, an invoice will then be sent to you.   Your build time will start the day the invoice is paid.  Mailing time is not included in the build time.
The prices are in addition to the cage order.


Item is constructed of 316 surgical stainless steel using 1/4″ and
1/8″ round bar.
Base ring is constructed on 1/4″ round bar.
Light Weight 5 OZ. (For average size). Lock not included

Your device will be mailed USPS priority mail (no signature required) within the US or USPS priority express international for orders outside the US.
You are responsible for ALL duties and taxes issued by your country. Please check with your local postal service if you have any questions about your duties and taxes.



Order Jail Bird Male Chastity Device Jail Bird @ $340.00
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 64 reviews
by Brad Johnson on Mature Metal

Received my new jail bird a few days ago and absolutely love it! I wore a cb6000s for a few years and can't ever imagine going back to it. The comfort level of my jail bird is top notch, and the fact that I don't have to remove it for cleaning pleases my owner a great deal! My cb was 2.5 inches and my jail bird is 2, which helped to accommodate my size reduction. I am locked 24/7 and I highly recommend the jail bird to anybody else in the same situation!

by lilandlocked on Mature Metal
Just what we were looking for

A++++ Recieved the Jailbird on 6/29 and been wearing it since. Been released 3 times for over night/play. Waited until now to give a review because I wanted to test it out. Great craftsmanship! It exceeds all my expectations. Above all its very comfortable to wear long term and easy to clean without removal for a true 24/7 fit. I wish I would of made this purchase a long time ago! My advice buy the rings and measure 10,000 times. When I was trying to find the correct ring for my fit I would wear it a couple days even to bed until i had it narrowed down. Thanks again!

by DL on Mature Metal

Been wearing your device for a few months now and it's very comfortable and easy to stay clean with the open design of the jailbird.My wife can now get the longterm lock up she wants. Thanks again

by s on Mature Metal
Great Fit

We received my new Jail Bird last week. The fix is excellent, I am very glad I followed the advice given by MM on sizing. The workmanship is wonder and it is very comfortable. This is a far cry from the old CB3000 I have been in for a number of years now. It is so nice not to have the clanking of the padlock when I walk and no bulge in my bluejeans any more.

by Brad on Mature Metal
Excellent Craftsmanship and Service

I have had my Jailbird for a few weeks now, and it feels like home. I had previously worn a Holy Trainer Version 2, which was a great product to test this lifestyle choice. The Jailbird is in a league the HT2 will never know.The Mature Metal team's advice during the sizing process was spot-on. I was somewhat fearful of the device being sized too small, but it ended up a perfect fit. I now know the HT2 had way too much space to move.I realize the chastity device's effectiveness lies between our ears in reality, but the Jailbird makes me feel securely locked away, and my wife loves the look much more than the plastic HT2. It was worth every penny.Thank you Mature Metal!

by Dan on Mature Metal
The best

I have had mine on since December 22, 2015 without removing it once. I had been promised to only have to wear it for a month. Now I do not know when I will be released. My wife has decided to keep me in it. It is comfortable but frustrating. It is much better than my previous $700 cage that required a piercing.. If you want the best, this is it. Be careful that chastity is what you really want because this cage is fool proof.

by Andrew on Mature Metal
Amazing product

This is a long overdue review. I bought the cage last January and have been wearing it ever since. I've tried the CB6ks, Holy Trainer v2, and a bunch of other cheap Chinese devices. None of them can compare to this device. It was uncomfortable at first because the cage was a little too long. I had it shortened and now it fits like a glove. Small enough to hold it but strong enough to prevent any sort of erection. The cage is very light too. If you're serious about chastity, measure carefully and get this cage, you won't be disappointed.

by Ian on Mature Metal
Making me smaller

Amazing product. Have always had a small penis when not erect, so am wearing your smallest length cage. However I am a a grower and wearing the cage has reduced my erection from almost 7 inches to 3 inches. Best thing of all is that my wife prefers my cock being smaller. She has jealousy issues likes the fact that I am unlikely to show a tiny penis to a new partner.

by M L on Mature Metal

I've been locked up in plastic devices and decided that i needed to upgrade. I ordered the Jail Bird and all i can say is WOW. Mistress MM was great and the device is outstanding. This has been a wonderful experience from start to now. As i sit here writing this, while locked up in my new Jail Bird, I know that I have the right device to help me reach my goal of 24/7 365.If your serious, Mature Metal is the only company to consider.

by Dave on Mature Metal

I've tried a handful of chastity devices and they all had their issues. As I dug deeper and deeper into the reviews I saw more and more people recommending Mature Metal. I took measurements, sent emails with questions, compared to my old device, and made an order. Yeah, these are more expensive. But you can't beat the custom fit and the build quality is excellent! I'm so glad I made the decision to purchase this from Mature Metal, will definitely recommend. My Goddess says it looks so good she can't see a reason to ever take it off.

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