Queen’s Keep

The Queen’s Keep is very durable and has an open front design that makes it easy to clean without removing the device. It is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to hide under clothes for 24/7/365 wear. It is so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing it at all!

The punishment pin and security screw options are available for this item.  The inside diameter has to be 1 1/4″ or larger and the length must be at least 1 3/4″ for the punishment pin option to fit.

BUILD TIME is 6-8 weeks from date of order.


Device is constructed of 1/8″ X 1/2″ flat bar and 1/8″ round rod to construct the cage on the tip.  Please know that a proper size lock should sit sideways.

Base ring is made from 1/4″ round bar. All parts are handmade and can be built to any size. Made of 304 and 316 stainless steel.
Weight About 5.0 OZ.

Lock not included.

Your device will be mailed USPS priority mail (no signature required) within the US or USPS priority express international for orders outside the US.

Order Queen's Keep Queen's Keep @ $390.00
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 25 reviews
by john on Mature Metal

Fit perfect the first time! Great customer service and excellent quality workmanship, the Queens Keep is the real deal, you are locked up until your key holder decides otherwise. My M is very pleased with the investment. Thanks M MM

by Mel Simms on Mature Metal
Love it. Best thing ever

I put mine on 2 months ago. CB 6000 broke on me, others rusted and cut me.
But the Queens keep is so nice ,It's comfortable the oval ring is so nice. and I hope I never have to take it off. I like the fact that I'm rendered useless in the penis department. I now look at women to serve. So I can do what they want. I want to pamper them now. I now love women and not my penis. My life is changed for the better.
Thank You mistress M.M.

by Dan on Mature Metal
Locked for her

I have owned many chastity devices. But I must say nothing compares to the queen keep. It is the most comfortable some times I don't even know it's there it has been locked on since fri and my wife now has a new lover so I'm guessing it will be locked on for a long time but I'm glad it's queens keep

by MIss Catherine's PET on Mature Metal
Functional Art… un-matched!!!

THE BEST chastity device on the market! Security, comfort, affordability unmatched! My wife is my Queen and key holder we have shared our love and this life style for over ten years! We have tried many of the other male chastity devices on the market. They are just toys compared to the workmanship and quality of Mature Metal custom made products. I have broke two CB series products in my sleep! and one while my Queen rubbed my neck at the movie theater! LOL LOL I have been in my Queen's Keep for almost two months… I waited to write this review because I wanted to speak from experience… I can assure you now you will not be disappointed The staff at Mature Metal are Wonderful… be sure to purchase a sizing kit first and take advantage of their experience to get the best Mature Metal product for you!
Feel fee to contact me at 'Chastity Mansion' if I can help you in your journey towards the ultimate in chastity!

Miss Catherine's PET

by K3ptman on Mature Metal
Queen's Keep

The device is pure awesomeness. That goes without saying. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the customer service is beyond excellent. I've needed adjustments on mine, and each time they are done quickly with the device returning back to me within 10 days. The only note I'll make - expect to have some adjustments. I don't think there is a way you can measure and get it 100% right the very first time. Everyone's anatomy is different, and while the sizing ring kit is a MUST to get close, it will likely only get you close. All in all, I will come to Mature Metal for every purchase from here out in the future. Excellent company providing to a fringe market of folks like you and I.

by David Hernández on Mature Metal

I received my device 3 days ago.
I wear it since he came, even sleeping, is perfect, lightweight, comfortable, hard, soft.
I bathe with, is to clean without removing the device.
The handwork and as, with care and precision is the best, perfectly fits my body.
It's awesome!
Mature Metal is best.
I was trying other chastity devices, plastic and other metals. Mature but Metal is the best.
I live in Spain and no problem, they are very profesionales.Te help and advise so that you leave no doubt.
Loving women from Spain controlled male chastity, do not lose more time or more money. Mature Metal is authentic and genuine.
MetalMature recommend 100%.
Thank M. M. My wife is very happy and me too.
He recibido mi dispositivo hace 3 dias.
Lo llevo puesto desde que llego, incluso durmiendo,es perfecto, ligero, comodo, duro, suave.
Me baño con el , se limpia sin necesidad que quitar el dispositivo.
El trabajo hecho a mano y a medida, con cariño y precision es lo mejor, se adapta perfectamente a mi cuerpo.
Es impresionante!!
Mature Metal es lo mejor.
Estube probando otros dispositivos de castidad, de plastico, y otros metales. pero Metal Mature es el mejor.
Yo vivo en España y ningun problema, son muy profesionales.Te ayudan y asesoran, para que no te queden dudas.
Amantes de la castidad masculina controlada por mujeres de España, no perdais mas el tiempo, ni mas dinero. Metal Mature es autentico y genuino.
Recomiendo MetalMature al 100%.
Muchas Gracias M.M. Mi mujer esta muy contenta y yo tambien.

by Cape Cod Richie on Mature Metal
Wow, I'm chastised!

Received my Queen's Keep 2 weeks ago. I had stayed in chastity for 3 weeks prior to receiving it (with another device) to really test if I got the tube size right (this time). I pretty much did. Skin bulges a bit out of the tiny tube; time will tell.

When I put it on I don't even know it's there. I don't lose a cracker (testicle) when doing strenuous, bending outside type work. I cannot not even begin to get erect which is what I was striving for.

I used the sizing rings even though I have been through 11 devices in the past 14 years and all have been trapped ball devices except 1 (full metal belt).

I'm at 5 weeks now in this Chastity Run and believe I may be able to break my record of 69 Days.

Mr. & Mrs. Mature Metal are great to work with. Workmanship of device is excellent.

Don't mess around, go for custom made. I am compact & "high & tight" and have a perfect fit. It's been a challenge & a struggle through the years to make this chastity fantasy into a reality and I think I have been successful.

Rich & Mrs. Keyholder
Cape Cod, MA.

by Tim .S on Mature Metal
all I was expecting and more

My wife and I have enjoyed the benefits of chastity for several years. I'm very active and exercise regularly. The previous devices worked but always had drawbacks. We decided to order the Queens Keep while I was out of the country. Following the directions I must have measured my man part 50 times during the week leading up to placing the order. My other devices had the round base ring. I had heard only good things concerning the oval design. Needless to say the oval base ring is a breath of fresh air when it came to comfort. Thanks folks for building such a quality device.

by Mistress Destiny on Mature Metal

Before we ordered the Queens Keep cage 2.5 years ago my partner was wearing those CB Plastic impossible to keep clean devices, In fact we went through about 3 of them because after becoming erect with play it would break from the pressure, so we knew we needed to find a custom easy to keep clean piece of jewelery.

My partner has been in his Queens Keep cage for the last 2.5 years with limited release. We both love it. Easy to keep clean. I ordered the high security screw and the lock 🙂 I love the added security, he likes the medium flat anti-pull out pin. I need to use the anti-pullout because I had ordered his jewelery a tad too big. Therefore, I will be ordering a new one very shortly with his exact measurements this time (still deciding on ordering another Queens Keep or to try out the Jail Bird)

Queens Keep is easily hidden under clothing but noticed that wearing tight jeans is out of the question especially when sitting, so a slightly baggier jean in the crotch area is needed.

I could not be happier with Mature Metal their products and customer service are fantastic 🙂

by DesertOwl on Mature Metal
Queen's Keep

Hi All,

Firstly I can say, with confidence, that based on the personal ownership of various "more affordable" mass produced, plastic or imported metal knock-offs that after purchasing the Queen's keep that those devices were simply a waste of money. More on this later.

Fanny, my key-holder, allowed me to select a Queens Keep to secure her property until she fancies using it. The decision on this particular device was based on web-reviews of the different Mature Metal designs along with extended back-and-forth email exchanges with Mistress MM.

Mistress MM sets a new standard for customer service. She weathers the "overly focused" inquiries potential buyers might have and is prompt, concise, honest, technically focused, patient and promises nothing that isn't delivered.

It has been a month since Fanny received her "Queen's Keep" and honored me by using it to take possession of her property. There are absolutely no fit or finish flaws with the Queen's Keep. The workmanship is without equal. I can also say that having a craftsman that is into the lifestyle who designs chastity devices is a definite plus (if not an absolute requirement).

During the past month the device has been removed a couple of times for a medical check-up and the scheduled weekly grooming and hygiene regimen. Other than that it is has been worn 24/7.

After wearing the device the first week (with little discomfort) I took some of Thumper's advice http://denyingthumper.com/ about applying a spot of silicone lube to areas where freshly washed skin might tend to adhere slightly to freshly washed stainless steel causing some minor stretching/irritation. Since applying the lube (and leaving aside those times when arousal isn't involved) I can say I am 98% unaware I am wearing Fanny's device during daily routine. Supremely comfortable.

Fanny's penis tends to 'prairie dog' (retreat in the tube) which, in less well designed devices, has led to it falling out of the bottom of the tube. In this device when Fanny's plaything retreats due to temperature (or bending and lifting things) and then decides to stick his head back out of his burrow to see what's "going on" the design channels him right back into the cage. (For reference we ordered the 3/8" gap between rings.)

I, like a lot of others out there am a bit of 'security queen' in terms of unauthorized remove-ability of a chastity device. It's not so much that I'm inclined to cheat as much as relishing Fanny's control and my inability to circumvent her decisions. With this device I just don't feel the urge to even try and remove it since i know it would just awkwardly dangle from my testicles.

Again, taking Thumper's advice we measured the relaxed, flaccid length and then subtracted 1/2 inch, that is, shorter is more comfortable.. We took this approach because we also know from experience (with plastic and steel) that larger often means more room for error and from one of the Lori devices, more weight in that steel is heavier than plastic. A certain level of substantial metallic 'heft' can be a pleasant reminder of your owned status but constant weight suspended from a PA is just plain painful or cruel - something no responsible owner would inflict on her property. Would you hang your car from its front bumper when not using it? of course not.

We ordered the 7/8 anatomical 'A" ring which was comfortable enough based on the use of the Mature Metal sizing ring set. After this first month maybe the next smaller size would work for the longer term. I would also consider trying 1/4" gap between rings rather than 3/8" to ensure the "prairie dog's" tunnel is marginally longer, but, would offer the advice of sizing for best fit first and making any adjustments late since, except for the cage itself, Mature Metal can offer smaller rings and gap adjustments at reasonable rates.

So, here's my advice. You may be on the Mature Metal site on a hormone/fantasy fueled forced march. I know I was was - more than once. Or maybe you're here indulging someone you love or want to love more deeply again in yet another of their "crazy" notions. If you're the least bit serious about exploring this form of play then do yourselves a favor since whining over the ill fit of a cheaply made, however adjustable 'one size' device should be no reason for cutting short your mutual explorations. There will be other more important and challenging discoveries you both will have to overcome.

So, Key-holder, buy yourself a well crafted, quality, custom fitted device at the outset. You deserve it and, by-the-way, the person who is offering you what they consider the most precious part of themselves is worth it too. You might both think it's expensive and while I can see that, I can also it really isn't when looked at as a level of a sacrifice and commitment - and isn't that what's at the heart of what is going on inthis intimate exchange. I'm prejudiced about such things but, to me, it's on the level of a wedding ring. No, actually, it's a deeper commitment than a wedding ring.

Best to all,


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