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Mature Metal now offers a high-security screw for your new stainless steel chastity device. Both the screws and keys are stainless.  To order this item please add it during cage purchase.  If you are wanting both the security screw option and a lock, the lock can be ordered under accessories.

Replacement or additional keys are not available.

If you already own a Mature Metal cage that has the security screw option and are ordering a new cage,  you can request your new cage to be threaded to accept your current screws/keys.  That is $10.  Keys and screws will not be sent.


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by Bob S on Mature Metal

The padlocks are nice and there is a certain feeling when you hear it go click that is great to experience. Padlocks are good for short term chastity. However, if you are considering long term then the high security screw is the best way to go. Once the screw has been inserted, tightened and the key given to the keyholder the long term chastity begins. You will not be able to take the cage off until the keyholder gives you the key. It is easy to get a duplicate key for padlocks but replacement or duplicate keys can not be gotten for the high security key system. Also a padlock can be cut and a new one used in its stead but there is no way to cut the screw. If you don't have the screw key then you can not get out of the cage without destroying it. I would not want to explain to my keyholder that I destroyed the cage after having spent 100's of dollars to purchase it in the first place.

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