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Custom-Made Metal Male Chastity Devices

We have been conducting research and development for many years to develop the most comfortable and secure male stainless steel chastity devices in the world. This is not just an off-the-shelf chastity site. We custom craft every single one of the devices to the customer’s specifications – without the high price tags

  • Peace of Mind No breaking or splitting down the seam. No cracking or shattering. Secure cages to get locked up in
  • Ultimate Strength – All Mature Metal designs are made from 316 and 304 stainless steel: clean, corrosion-resistant, and very strong
  • Greater Comfort – Mature Metal designs are custom-built to your exact specifications, so you can wear your device for a lot longer
  • Customization – We can also do some special modifications on your custom device. Just send us an email or give us a call to discuss your mod
  • Affordable – Custom steel chastity devices with all of these benefits – but without the high price-tags
  • Top Service – Please take a look around the site and read some of our positive reviews from many happy customers

Custom, fitted devices which are not only made to your measurements but built to last… for what could be a very long time!

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