MatureMetal does not share or sell your information with or to anyone.  We do not send out junk emails or junk mail.  We do not keep your information in our computer for a long period of time after the order is complete.  We DO however send an email to the address you submit on the order form if there is a question and to let you know the item is being shipped.  If you call us and do not leave a message, your call will not be returned.  Your privacy is important to you and to us as well.

“What makes Mature Metal better than the others?”
First, we start with 316 and 304 surgical stainless steel. Secondly, we offer an oval base ring (not round). This adds to the comfort as well as the security of the device. Thirdly, and most importantly, is our exceptional customer service. We will not have you spend money on an item that you simply can’t use. If you buy an item from us and the fit is not correct we can adjust the ring size, gap between the ring or length to your device for a fee plus shipping. You just send the device back to us and we will make the needed adjustments.  Email for adjustment costs.  Sorry, we do not make adjustments on device inside diameter or Double base rings. Please ensure that you order those measurements correctly. Fourthly, we now offer a sizing ring set to so that you can order with confidence.

We currently offer FREE shipping in the US on original purchases!!!! For orders outside the US, international shipping will be added per order. We also ship your chastity device in discreet packaging.
We will guarantee that your package arrives in your country.  We can not guarantee what your country does with your package once it arrives.  We have no control on the length of time your package takes to arrive.  If your package is returned to us, there will be another mailing fee to re-send your package.

“What is your return policy?”
Unfortunately, due to the custom-crafting of each device we will not refund any purchase made. However, we will make every effort to modify your chastity device for a perfect fit. We recommend that you order the sizing kit or visit our “Getting the Right Fit” page for details on how to measure your penis for the best possible dimensions for your chastity device purchase.
If your order has not been started, you may request a refund.  We will issue a refund minus any transaction fees that were paid by Mature Metal.

“I’m uncut. Is any one chastity device better than another for uncut cocks?”
Actually any of our devices will work. We have found the if he is uncut reversing the bars on the front of the cage pushes the clothing away from the end and prevents pinching.  Under comments on the online order form please write INVERT FRONT BARS. 

“My slave’s got a small cock, which of your chastity devices do you recommend?”
Since all of our cages are hand made each cage can be built to almost any size no matter how small or large. 

“Do you recommend my slave get a PA to prevent pullout?”
We have had customers use a ring with an attached cable or chain that locks onto the lock to prevent pull out. We can remove the center portion of the lower horizontal bar to allow a capture ring to stick out so that you can secure it.  

“Do you make hinged base or “A” ring?”
No, we have found that they irritate and chafe. All of our items are built for 24/7/365 wear. Most customers agree that with the oval ring they sometimes forget they are wearing the device.

“Do you make a PA attachment?”
Sorry no, we have been attempting to develop a PA attachment but we have high standard in comfort and weight. 

“Do the punishment pins hurt?”
Yes! The pins come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The comfort level depends on the size pin you choose.

Adjustment payments:
We accept money orders/cashiers checks/cash or we can 
send a paypal invoice.  We do not accept personal checks.

If there are any question that you would like to please contact us at maturemetal@grandecom.net