Jail Bird

The JAIL BIRD male chastity device is our most popular design. The stainless steel bars are very rigid. They will not bend or pinch. Combines comfort with security, and great looks. Has a very low profile that is easy to hide under clothing and is perfect for 24/7/365 wear.

The open design makes it easy to clean without removing the cage. This makes it possible to wear the device indefinitely. Great for Internet or long-distance relationships.

Customizing your Jail Bird

The punishment pin  and the security screws options are available for this item.  The Jailbird must be 1 1/4″ inside diameter or larger and a length of at least 1 1/2″ for the punishment pin option to fit.

The cage for Jailbird can be built with more than just the two rings. Please see the final image on the gallery below for an example. Extra rings are priced at $80 each.  Any Jailbird  2″  or longer in length can have the cage made with three rings.  3″ in length or longer can have a total of four rings.
 If you have any questions about these options, please feel free to email us.  

Please know that a proper size lock should sit sideways.

Build time is 6-8 weeks from date of order.
Please email your rush request to maturemetal@grandecom.net, an invoice will then be sent to you.   Your build time will start the day the invoice is paid.  Mailing time is not included in the build time.
The prices are in addition to the cage order.


Item is constructed of 316 surgical stainless steel using 1/4″ and
1/8″ round bar.
Base ring is constructed on 1/4″ round bar.
Light Weight 5 OZ. (For average size). Lock not included

Your device will be mailed USPS priority mail (no signature required) within the US or USPS priority express international for orders outside the US.
You are responsible for ALL duties and taxes issued by your country. Please check with your local postal service if you have any questions about your duties and taxes.



Order Jail Bird Male Chastity Device Jail Bird @ $340.00
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 74 reviews
by Tom on Mature Metal
Secure, lightweight, comfortable

I have been wearing the Jailbird for four days so far and it feels great and is very secure. I honestly think I can wear it nonstop for months. I have tried many different over the counter chastity devices and none fit as well for long-term use as this one. Incidentally, I've found that the Omtex Neo Athletic Cotton Gym Supporter available on Amazon provides perfect support for this device and others. I'm fairly active and walk to work 3 miles roundtrip every day. The device causes no problems in my daily walk or trips to the gym. I'm especially happy it is so concealable. I've worn it with jeans, business slacks and my gym sweatpants and it does not show at all. Since I'm in a long distance relationship, my girlfriend uses the Igloohome Smart Key Storage Lockbox to keep the key under her control, but yet available to me in case of an emergency or in the rare event she decides to let me out. When I first got the device my measurements were off, so I returned it for adjustment for the cage length and ring diameter. They made the adjustments and returned it to me in about a week. Thanks for the quick turn around. If you are looking for a comfortable chastity device that is 100% secure, comfortable for long-term wear and concealable, I highly recommend the Jailbird.

by Jailbird1967 on Mature Metal
Best of my all chastity cages

I have tested over 40 different chastity cages. The Mature Metal Jailbird chastity cage is the best of them all. It looks like a juvel and it fits like a glove.I did the measurements many times and I also checked the measurements for the holytrainer chastity cage I remember was longer than I was need but it was to small. So when I set up this order I was sure to go down in the length and increase the width.Now I have one perfect chastity cage for permanent usage. My Master have control over the keys :)It's easy to keep it clean and shape.It's perfect for long distance locking.I have chosen padlock 🔒 as locking options. I thought that was the best because you do not need to destroy the chastity cage if you need to emergence from it but don't have the keys.

by Anon on Mature Metal
Long fitting a big one

It's been many years now since I first put on my 2 1/8 X 1 7/8 X 3 3/4 Jail Bird. The only problem I've had is winter shrinkage. I'll soon be ordering a 2 X 1 5/8 X 3 for those cold winter months when my first one is just a bit too loose.Other than My shrinkage, the Jail Bird has fit perfectly and comfortably for longer than I can remember. I'm not kidding. At my age anything past 4 or 5 years ago is the distant past.The only reason that I have hesitated to order the "winter size" cage is that I want the base rings to interchange and that necessitates sending back the first one and it's uncomfortable to go without.

by JerryP on Mature Metal
Most Comfortable Yet

After a year of toying with various metal knockoffs and a few plastic options I finally took the plunge and ordered a custom Jail Bird. Now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. Plastic cages, although comfortable, present hygiene challenges. Metal cages didn't seem to fit right out of the box, and allow pinch points (especially where the pins enter the base ring). The Holy Trainer was/is great for short term wear or when needed for travel purposes, but nothing comes close to the Jail Bird. The measurements were exact and after a few hours I didn't even notice the cage during normal daily wear. It arrived two weeks ago with the security screw option. I haven't seen either key in that time and my wife seems happy to keep going...longer than any other cage so far, and easy to keep clean. MM rocks.

by Ernest Johnson on Mature Metal
Comfort and fit far surpasses anything out there

I have enjoyed chastity cages for years. The Jail Bird by MM is simply amazing. The weight and feel of the metal is exactly what I've been looking for. The things I enjoy most. As a note, I enjoy self-deprivation or allowing another to hold the key. Longest I've been in chastity is 60 days with the CB6000 unit.1. No pinch points (OMG this is worth it just for that fact-I've tried about 4 different models-all cheap)2. Smooth "edges" as there are on sharp edges on the jailbird there are no chafing areas.3. Easy maintenance to keep clean, unlike plastic shaft cages that can keep water/sweat in the metal cage allows for better air flow.4. I have a 2 gage PA that is a continuous circle (screw type) I can wear it inside the cage, or actually hook the PA through one of the bars of the cage. I like it in that it keeps a flaccid penis elongated to the length of the cage. (also it tends to rattle which I find erotic when out in public)5. For exhibitionist types, the ribbed cage looks amazing in jeans, for the shy, wear loose jeans (or whatever your Sir or Mistress tells you to wear)Overall advice: Don't be cheap with this. Measure yourself multiple times over a week (I found my flaccid was bigger than my estimate) If you're in the rage to add the second or third circumference ring, do so, it looks better (IMO) and also keep the amount of access to the penis reduced, because trust me, a guy in chastity will find a way to nut, just saying, it can happen. LOL I added the security pin on mine, glad I did, a lock is nice, but the security pin is great.This is an investment once you know you like chastity or the person you're putting in is ready. It is an investment worthwhile.

by Amayesclavo on Mature Metal
the best choice

hiwe have a maturemetal jailbird , my slave-husband has try lots of cages, plastic cages, silicon cages, metal cages....The best of all is MatureMetal Jailbird, is safe, clean, beautyful and stainless steel.Can be used by days, weeks, months (even years)Tha cage fit him like a glove (he ask with measures of CB6000s, and the cage 1/2 inch shorter)you can see pics of my husband in tumblr, fetlife or twitterkisses @amayesclavo

by Chad on Mature Metal
In love

To start this off, I've had my Jailbird for years now, and I've been in love with it ever since it first came in the mail! I've been an avid and serious chastity slave for a long time, and like most, I started out with those terrible plastic designs, the ones that are meant to fit all. Well, if you're reading this, you, too, have discovered that they might "fit", but they are far from ideal for anything longer than a 24 hour period. Nothing fits like a custom made device, and, in my opinion, nothing looks sexier than steel. Yes, sex appeal is a factor in how I choose my devices. There is just so much positive to say about this product and the experience behind making it, but I'll try to stick to the basics.Customer service: Outstanding!! Seriously, they're very quick to reply and extremely helpful with any questions you might have.Quality: It's just amazing, I really have no complaints here, as well. The craftsmanship is superb and the attention to detail is great.Comfort: Even before I had the sizing of the ring fine tuned and the padlock replaced with a security screw (which I HIGHLY recommend), I was able to wear it for more than a year with little issue.So, again, if you take chastity seriously and want the comfort to boot, this is probably one of your best options! I say this has been one of the best purchases I've ever made in life.

by Matt on Mature Metal
Beyond expectations!!!!

My wife and I order my jailbird in late April and got it in a few days ago. I couldn't wait to put it on. Couldn't believe how well it fit. I was honestly worried that it would pinch and pull like the others cheaper devices and I'd only be able to wear it for a few hours, but this cage is amazing. Most of the time I can't tell I have it on. I was even able to sleep in it the first night with no problems. I'm truly looking forward to some long term lock up with this device.

by Mark on Mature Metal
Just like we'd hoped

A very positive experience! A+/Thumbs-up!For a number of years I've been restricted (occasionally) with various CB-x devices. But a year ago we decided to get serious about it. Though the CB products are great for what they are, _plastic_ didn't really make it seem 'enforced.'We decided I should use the sizing rings to be sure of the fit. Glad we did. We measured several times over a few days, and we didn't let my ego get in the way.We had questions, of course: they were answered very quickly (thanks Mistress MM). Great attention to customers.We decided I should have a Jail Bird cage, both oval and round base rings, a locking Cock-Ring, security screws, and a lock.The order was placed and we received the items as ordered, and actually a few days earlier than expected. Good job!The fit and finish are superb; construction is excellent.We ordered a round base ring because I was concerned that the oval ring, with its reduced vertical dimension, might put too much pressure against the urethra. I needn't have worried: the oval _did_ take a few days to get comfortable with, and it _does_ feel a little tighter. It's fine.I use the security screw most of the time: it cleans up the lines (no weird bulges under slacks) and it is secure enough: I don't need to be forced to abide: chastity has been agreed to; the device is a reminder, a token, a visual affirmation of that agreement (and we have a lock just in case my acceptance needs to be enforced).We can mix and match the different base rings with the cage or cock-ring as desired. And the two security screws are keyed alike to both keys...We're set!She decided I would start off with the round ring and security screw so I could get used to the weight - it's not heavy, but it is different from a CB-x devices... The weight didn't bother me at all. In fact, solid steel base ring of the MM device is less bulky than the CB base ring, and so is actually more comfortable.I think the main difference for me was the psychological effect of being in a steel cage as opposed to plastic. Maybe like the difference between being in a holding/observation room versus a jail cell with metal bars. You're in a cage and that's that.After a week we switched out the screw for the padlock (for a few days). All was well.Then, after another week she decided I should try the oval base ring. As I said earlier, it took a couple of days to get used to the pressure on the urethra, but I got used to it quickly and now it's fine. In fact, with the oval ring, the gap is more consistent and so reduces the scrotal bunching and so there is less irritation.Lastly, for a comparison I was locked back into a CB-6000 just to see which I preferred.... the MM Jail Bird is now the device I prefer.I'm glad we finally got a custom fitted device.

by dvntb on Mature Metal
Finally fitted

After emailing MM to ask for fitting advice, I ordered a jailbird right at New Year's. I asked if it would be possible to get it by Valentine's Day. Score two for MM! Their advice was perfect and they got the device to me ON V-Day! I am thrilled about how well it fits, and it looks fantastic! The craftsmanship and quality are amazing.Unfortunately, I messed up on my choice for the base ring. I ordered the right size, but I opted for the oval ring. I didn't consider how the cage would position my boys against the base ring. Uncomfortable for long-term wear. Individually, each piece fits very nicely. Together, they just weren't comfortable. So, I emailed MM again to ask what to do.MM came through again! I was so excited about the new cage that I wanted to get a double locking cock ring as a complimentary piece to the jailbird. I ended up ordering two double base rings and an additional single base ring. I wanted to have a single and a double base ring, and I wanted to get two sizes of each. According to MM, "No problem." I sent back the ill-fitting oval ring and MM made it round for me. They made the other three base rings, the locking cock ring, and made everything interchangeable! On top of all that, I received everything back in less than a week!I just can't say enough positive things about MM. It is so refreshing to work with professionals! They answered all of my stupid questions, suggested options I hadn't considered, and explained everything with a level of patience and understanding you just don't see these days. On top of the fantastic service, the quality of construction is impeccable.Everything was delivered back to me on March 3rd. I've been wearing some combination of base ring, jailbird cage, or locking c-ring continuously since then. Like any kid with a new toy, I wanted to play with them all. Everything fits perfectly! I could not be more satisfied.If you have been considering placing an order, stop putting it off. Yes, it may cost a little more, but it is worth every penny to have a custom fit cage with this level of quality. Think about it. You are looking at a device you will be wearing all day, every day, 24-7. Don't you think it's worth it to go with quality and comfort? I'm certainly glad I did.

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