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The JAIL BIRD male chastity device is our most popular design. The stainless steel bars are very rigid. They will not bend or pinch. Combines comfort with security, and great looks. Has a very low profile that is easy to hide under clothing and is perfect for 24/7/365 wear.

The open design makes it easy to clean without removing the cage. This makes it possible to wear the device indefinitely. Great for Internet or long-distance relationships.

Customizing your Jail Bird

The punishment pin  and the security screws options are available for this item.  The Jailbird must be 1 1/4″ inside diameter or larger and a length of at least 1 1/2″ for the punishment pin option to fit.

The cage for Jailbird can be built with more than just the two rings. Please see the final image on the gallery below for an example. Extra rings are priced at $80 each.  Any Jailbird  2″  or longer in length can have the cage made with three rings.  3″ in length or longer can have a total of four rings.
 If you have any questions about these options, please feel free to email us.  

Please know that a proper size lock should sit sideways.
If adjustments are needed in the future, we will need the
cage and ring returned.

Build time is 6-8 weeks from date of order.
Please email your rush request to maturemetal@grandecom.net, an invoice will then be sent to you.   Your build time will start the day the invoice is paid.  Mailing time is not included in the build time.
The prices are in addition to the cage order.


Item is constructed of 316 surgical stainless steel using 1/4″ and
1/8″ round bar.
Base ring is constructed on 1/4″ round bar.
Light Weight 5 OZ. (For average size). Lock not included

Your device will be mailed USPS priority mail (no signature required) within the US or USPS priority express international for orders outside the US.
You are responsible for ALL duties and taxes issued by your country. Please check with your local postal service if you have any questions about your duties and taxes.



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Mature Metal
Average rating:  
 91 reviews
 by Happy buyer from Europe
Amazing in every way! 10/10

Comfortable to wear, easy to wash, great quality and design. The advantages of this wonderful device can only be said in superlatives. Take your time to find out your correct dimensions and measure everything again and again. There is no reason to hurry! In return, you will receive the perfect chastity device you have always dreamed of. Our cage arrived in Poland (Europę) in less than two weeks and from the first day I wore it continuously for over a week. I took it off only because it was the will of my Wife / KH. The cage is superior to the current CB6000 in every way. My Wife and I are delighted. This item is worth any money. Don't hesitate. I recommend it with all my heart. If you want to go pro, I don't see a better way than to get this gem. Mature Metal you are the true magicians. XOXO

 by RJK
Fantastic fit

I wanted to wait before giving a review. I've had my jailbird for almost 2 years. The wife loves it and its comfortable enough to wear 24/7. I've been wearing it for a year straight and on average have been let out every 2 months or so. Also easy to clean and the security screw is well worth the money. No jiggling lock and clinking noise.

 by John Anctil
Best decision!

If I could give this product, more stars it would! The company manufactures not only the classiest devices, but they are very, very comfortable! There is absolutely no pinching or anything that causes irritation or chaffing! Can easily be cleaned without taking it off! It’s very important that you adhere to their instructions on measuring yourself prior to ordering!
The quality of this product is exceptional!
I also really love the security screw option, as this eliminates the bulky lock!

 by Ryan
Perfect fit for long term chastity!!

After trying countless cages across the spectrum for years I never thought of going for a custom cage but I must say it was the best decision I made. Currently I have been locked for over 2 months straight with no issues with the cage at all.
I have always been able to pull out of the other cages I have tried previously but this is not the case with this device, having it custom fit to my body has been immensely comfortable and secure, not allowing any room for pullout or even getting hard at all.
Here is to many many many more months locked tight under my Sir's watchful eye.

 by Chris
The Perfect Fit

If I could give 10 stars, I would! I started out with a jailbird a while back but was slightly off on the measurements. I ended up needing a bit larger ID. From there, I made several changes over a period of over a year. We added a DBR, shortened the gap, shortened the cage a couple times and I can finally say we have the perfect fitting cage. Mistress MM provides exceptional customer service. She was always very quick to respond to my many many questions on trying to get the fit perfect and was always super polite, helpful and informative. If you are on the verge of buying a cage from Mature Metal, I promise you the few hundred dollars is WORTH IT! For me personally, I am always willing to pay a bit more if I am getting good customer service. But not only that, the cage is pristine! They truly take the time to make sure every minor detail is executed with perfection. I received my cage 3 weeks ago and it hasn't come off since. There is finally ZERO movement inside my cage. I inverted the bars and shortened it one last time. (I think I had a hard time accepting the fact that my cage length needed to be 1.25" for it to finally be the most comfortable snug fit. A strong metal cage give my bits a safe, secure, gentle hug. I can bend over, squat, shower, run, ride my motorcycle and it's as if I don't have a steel prison wrapped around my parts. True, pure perfection at its finest. Before my last measurement adjustment the tip would find its way pulling back and moving upwards, becoming unaligned with the center square hole. Now, it doesn't move one bit and becoming erect is simply impossible. Thank you, thank you, thank you M MM! Could not be happier with my Jailbird. Now that I have the perfect fitting cage it makes me want different style cages! Overall, the fit, comfort, and improvement from a CB style or Holy Trainer is simply next level! A metal custom cage from MM is the only way to go!

 by Vinny
Going on 8 years

After spending $500+ dollars on every popular off the shelf device, I got the Jailbird. Only the JB allows me to wear it 24/7 for 8 years and it still looks like new. In fact, it will out live me. I hardly think of it being on me anymore. Best part is that it is easy to maintain good hygiene. All my other cages that were fully enclosed smelled of urine by the end of the day. If you are serious about long term 24/7/365 lockup, the Jailbird will let you ride in comfort and cleanly too.

One more note: I thought that a custom cage would be a small improvement over the off the shelf models. It was not. It was a great improvement since it touches me lightly on all sides. My ring size fell in-between the standard sizes you get when you buy ready made cages. The gap is custom too and got rid of the pain I was experiencing with other devices. It is so comfortable that wearing it is no bother.

 by Rob
Amazing Comfort

Great build quality, easy to clean and very secure. Thanks MM and team.

 by RJ
WOW What a difference!

After having spent 4 years on and off in a CB 6000 and dealing with the frustration of having a device that never felt really comfortable we made the decision to move to a custom metal device. I spent considerable time researching for the right company to put my faith in and WOW I’m glad I teamed up with Mature Metal.

My journey started with reading everything on their website and in particular how important it is to take very careful measurements. I ordered the sizing rings and spent about 2 weeks trying different sizes in all stages of limpness (LOL). I thought I was confident of the sizes but still had some questions and reached out to Mistress MM by email. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast she responded and we had a dialog of several messages. I still had a couple of reservations about a couple of issues and reached out to her by phone. She answered the call and was extremely friendly and very helpful in resolving my final concerns. After our consultation I placed my order and waited anxiously for my new device to arrive.

My beautiful new device arrived about 3 ½ weeks ago and my first reaction was WOW! The craftsmanship was spectacular and it looked like a beautiful piece of jewelry! Very fitting for locking up the family jewels (ha-ha). We now refer to it as my second wedding ring! I was so happy when I tried it on because it felt so comfortable. I made the comment to my wife that it feels like I could wear it forever. She said “Good” (oops).

We are now into our 4th week of continued use and the experience has been amazing. I wore it for 12 days straight on the initial lockup. For a new device this is simply unexpected! I can say that taking the time to measure correctly and consult with Mistress MM was well worth it.

During this time I was able to direct my focus totally on her learning many new ways to please her and giving her much satisfaction orally. On the 13th day she decided she wanted the real thing and she removed the device and instructed me to take a little blue pill which I did immediately. Continuing my focus on her we enjoyed about 45 minutes of foreplay and then she instructed me to put on some numbing cream and a condom. She then proceeded to enjoy an hour of focusing on herself without the possibility of me having an orgasm ruining her pleasure. Then after an extended period of cuddling and the numbing cream wearing off she proceeded to give me a ruined orgasm and locked me back up. Today after another 11 days of lockup without any comfort issues she removed it again this morning and we had another amazing intimate experience ending with another ruined orgasm for me and being locked up again.

This beautiful device has transformed our marriage bringing us much closer together. Since it is so comfortable and suitable for extended ware we now have the delight of making it a permanent lifestyle. It has given both of us the opportunity for more discussion on our needs and wants and how our relationship will grow with my enhanced focus on her. I’m finding myself constantly looking for more ways to make her happier around the house as well as in the bedroom.

She is so delighted she informed me that my initial time without orgasm will be 2 months! I’m looking forward to seeing our relationship blossom as well as how explosive I expect my next orgasm the end of March.

I am very thankful to Mistress MM and her dedicated husband for all the help, support and crafting such a beautiful piece of jewelry. I would recommend Mature Metal to anyone serious about embracing this lifestyle that will truly transform your relationship for the better.

 by Crowe

It's been over a month since my lockup began, with only 1 day out so far for a very fierce edging and teasing session, which did not include any sort of finish. My wife absolutely loves the power she has and how she can keep me perpetually hot for her, so much that my scheduled release in February is now pushed back until July, which may turn into an entire year if things continue as they are. I'm still completely comfortable with no chaffing. So far, so good! I'll post an update in July.

 by Jason
Bettter than Expected

I've been ordering cheap metal devices for a couple of years trying to find the perfect size but they were all just a little off. Never could wear one for more than a few days and tended to slip out or have to adjust from being pinched. Not so with the Jailbird. As soon as I got it I put it on and went for a walk. I barely could tell it was there. Wearing it for 4 days and still on with the perfect mix of security and comfort so I can't pull myself out or slip a ball out unintentionally which use to happen all the time with the cheap things. Oh and this is much lighter to with no crappy weld joints to rub your skin. Thank you for delivering a wonderful product

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1 1/4", 1 3/8", 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2", 2 1/8", 2 1/4", 2 3/8", 2 1/2", 2 5/8", 2 3/4", 2 7/8", 3"


1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/4", 3 1/2", 3 3/4", 4", 4 1/4", 4 1/2", 4 3/4", 5"


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