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The JAIL BIRD male chastity device is our most popular design. The stainless steel bars are very rigid. They will not bend or pinch. Combines comfort with security, and great looks. Has a very low profile that is easy to hide under clothing and is perfect for 24/7/365 wear.

The open design makes it easy to clean without removing the cage. This makes it possible to wear the device indefinitely. Great for Internet or long-distance relationships.

Customizing your Jail Bird

The punishment pin  and the security screws options are available for this item.  The Jailbird must be 1 1/4″ inside diameter or larger and a length of at least 1 1/2″ for the punishment pin option to fit.

The cage for Jailbird can be built with more than just the two rings. Please see the final image on the gallery below for an example. Extra rings are priced at $80 each.  Any Jailbird  2″  or longer in length can have the cage made with three rings.  3″ in length or longer can have a total of four rings.
 If you have any questions about these options, please feel free to email us.  

Please know that a proper size lock should sit sideways.
If adjustments are needed in the future, we will need the
cage and ring returned.

Build time is 6-8 weeks from date of order.
Please email your rush request to maturemetal@grandecom.net, an invoice will then be sent to you.   Your build time will start the day the invoice is paid.  Mailing time is not included in the build time.
The prices are in addition to the cage order.


Item is constructed of 316 surgical stainless steel using 1/4″ and
1/8″ round bar.
Base ring is constructed on 1/4″ round bar.
Light Weight 5 OZ. (For average size). Lock not included

Your device will be mailed USPS priority mail (no signature required) within the US or USPS priority express international/UPS for orders outside the US.
You are responsible for ALL duties and taxes issued by your country. Please check with your local postal service if you have any questions about your duties and taxes.



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Mature Metal
Average rating:  
 97 reviews
 by Russell
after 5 years

Originally, my idea but shortly after it became fun for her to becoming a permanent fixture in our relationship. I spend virtually all of my time chaste when we are not making love. It did take a while to finally accept this. but now knowing how happy it makes her and how much closer we are to each other now it was well worth it.

The craftsmanship is remarkable. I have never had a single problem, zero! the folks you talk to are extremely nice people and it seems that they genuinely want to help you, not just sell you something. Fast service and folks that answer the phone and return emails. Rare these days!

If this is something you and your wife are seriously considering DO NOT waste your money on anything else. I did and regret it. They do cost a little more but if i had the money i spent on inferior devices, plus time wasted, and discomfort, etc. I would have easily been able to pay for the jailbird and prob would have had money left over!

My wife loves the look of the stainless steel. she says it looks hot vs the weird plastic ones I agree. Also, this thing looks as good now than it did the day it arrived, very easy to clean while on, just get a cheap stiff bristle paint brush and use it to clean and get into the tight places that i need not mention.

I am a real customer, I was not asked, nor paid to write this. I hardly ever write reviews but when i do come across something that a company produces and stands by their fantastic work and treat you as a very valued person I have to share my experiences and i'm proud to say they deserve stars! if there were more stars to pick i would choose all i could!

Have fun and good luck.

 by JDG
Incredible fit, fantastic customer service

Over the years, I've been able to wear for as long as 45 days at a stretch, though I absolutely needed to remove it to clean every few days. No matter how long or how often I wore it, there would be problems with pinching during assembly, it smelled after 36-48 hours, and the cage itself was always just *in the way*. If I bent over, if I tried to ride a bike, if I wore pants just a little too snug... any of these things required a very minor adjustment to lift the cage out of the way before I could get on with it. I though this was unfortunate but normal. And let's not even talk about the required twice-daily application of silicon lube that stained everything it came in contact with!

With the support of my partner, I bit the bullet and paid the much larger-at-once price for a JailBird, and it's like the scene where Dorothy leaves Kansas and enters Oz. While everything was "reasonable" and "fine" before, it's incredible now. My JB is more secure, more durable, more comfortable (both on my body and in my ability to move around), and much more attractive. With the old cage, cleaning required full removal and five minutes with a sink of hot soapy water, I now just lather up in the shower, and go on with my day, adding only a few extra seconds for more careful drying.

Where the old cage(s) felt like I had to be gentle with them to avoid straining the materials (they even tell you that to open it in an emergency, you can just twist the locking pin until it breaks!). From the first moment I put on the JailBird, I knew beyond any doubt that the only way it was coming off was with the key, at the whim of my KH.

I probably spent more on replacements for broken parts for my CB devices than I spent on my JB -- but I know full well that, unless I drastically change weight, I'll never *ever* need anything else for it. My JB is here to stay, and I'm very happy that it is that way.

 by Kevin
You won't regret it

If you have not yet bought a chastity device from Mature Metal and are in the market for one then stop right now. Your search is over. There is no reason to go any place else. Here's what is so great about them:
1) Their quality of work is simply excellent.
2) The materials used in their products is top of the line.
3) Their prices are quite reasonable (everything is handmade from scratch!)
4) Their customer service is freakishly good. Seriously... It's amazing.
5) They will make adjustments to cages (except cage diameter) to previously made cages! Does anybody else do this???

I highly recommend a first time buyer first get the set of plastic sizing rings. Yeah, it's an extra expense and an extra week in the ordering process while they're shipped to you but the cage you're ordering will last a lifetime and you are going to want it to fit perfectly. I am very happy that I did just that.

I had several questions before ordering my cage and they were all answered promptly and professionally. The construction of my cage took almost exactly as long as they estimated. I wore my device for the first month 24/7 but started having problems with sores developing along the base ring and since I had lost 30 lbs since ording the device and I now fit in the next sizing ring lower I had my base ring adjusted. That process took less than a week in the shop and I had the adjusted cage back before I knew it. When I started wearing the device again - even though it fit perfectly - the problem with the sores was worse.

At this point I was more than a little upset but Mistress MM came to my rescue asking if I might be allergic to something - possibly the nickel in the stainless steel. I could easily rule that out but that led me to the real culprit that it was the silicone lube I'd been using (once daily around the base ring) that was causing 24/7 irritation leading to major problems. Mistress MM suggested using baby oil gel instead and so after giving myself a week to heal all was good once again. I'm back to wearing a perfectly fitting perfectly comfortable cage 24/7.

My weight loss journey will be continuing with bariatric surgery in 2 months and a goal of 120 more pounds to lose over the next 18 months so I'm sure to be using Mature Metal's adjustment services again - and I'll be getting my money's worth out of my sizing rings as well!

I'm now a Mature Metal customer for life. They've earned my trust. They'll earn yours too.

 by bemfem
A Practical Guide and Expectations for 24/7 Cock Cage Wearing

As many men, I have also fantasized about being caged for a long time. However, there is a vast difference between fantasy, porn, wearing a cock cage for 2 hours at the romantic dinner, and wearing a cock cage 24/7. Wearing a cock cage 24/7 and going to work with it, gym, kid’s sports events, swimming, and sleeping in it is very different. There are several good realistic guides on the internet, but I would like to share my perspective and hopefully it will help others that would like to embark on this interesting and exiting journey.

I have a fantastic wife keyholder and for us a cock cage and my chastity is not about me not having an orgasm for a long time. For us, chastity is that I can only orgasm when and how she wants. It removes all my masturbation and I can only have an erection and an orgasm with her permission. I might go without an orgasm for a week or just a day. It all depends on her as it should be. A cock cage in our relationship means I have (perhaps) less frequent, but definitely much stronger orgasm. We want to play this game long term and that requires I can safely and comfortably wear a cock cage 24/7/365. However, we are also life partners with family, friends, busy high profile jobs and we make decisions together. It does not make me lesser of a man that I wear a cock cage for her. We don’t want to involve others or my cock cage changing who we are as partners and people. We want my cock cage to enrich our already good life. We keep it private and enjoy it together in a Female Led Relationship that works for us.

First talk with your partner about what you both want. I am not going to elaborate on this discussion here and how important it is. Maybe I will write a separate blog on this topic. We will start from the point where you both are exited and want to try 24/7 cock cage chastity. If you want 24/7 chastity, you will need a perfectly fitted, very likely custom built cock cage. Unfortunately, each manufacturer has a bit different measuring guide and it is not clear what and how to measure. Moreover even if you know how to measure, it will not mean what you think it means. I can easily measure the diameter of my penis, but how does it translate to the diameter of the cock cage is not that simple. Private parts are very squishy and flexible. Material also matters, and I will talk about medical stainless steel cock cage. I am using Jail Bird from Mature Metal (https://www.maturemetal.com/product/jail-bird/). I am actually thinking to get a titanium cock cage, because the titanium is much lighter and more biocompatible, but that is again for another time. I am assuming that a reader of this article has some knowledge about cock cages. To begin, let us first talk about typical vocabulary and what you will need to build a good cock cage:

* Inside diameter
* Base ring diameter
* Gap between cage and base ring
* Length

It seems simple to get 4 measurements, but it is not. Unfortunately, all these measurements are coupled and it will take some time to get all those correct. For example, length can be the overall length, which is length of the cage + gap or just length of the cage itself. That is very important to distinguish as a larger gap will actually make overall length larger too. Also, the base ring diameter and shape can totally change the gap. The base ring can also be oval. Some manufactures separate these measurements, but some do not. Therefore, I strongly recommend to experiment and build a cage carefully. Here is a guide how:
1. Measure yourself as best as you can and get a cheap device from internet. There are measuring guides, rings, there are many ways how to measure, but it is way different to have a rubber measuring ring around your penis and testicles for five minutes and to have a stainless steel one on 24/7. Therefore start with cheap device from internet, because the custom one is quite expensive. I got actually several of them and tested.
2. OK, now you are measured, you think you know all 4 measurements well and your stainless steel cock cage arrives. You and your partner are so exited and you want to put it on so bad and be in it and sleep in it. I did that too! Oh boy, it went very bad. Please don’t do it as it will only extend the time you are actually cock cage free. I did hurt my sack skin and had to heal.
3. Start with the base ring only. Put the base ring on and when flaccid you should be only able to put one index finder inside the ring up to the first knuckle. You will not believe how small ring you can actually wear. I started with a large 45 mm base ring and my testicles paid a very heavy price. The diameter of the base ring has to be perfect. As I said, I know you are excited and you want the whole thing on, but please only base ring first. Wear the ring for one day and get hard in it. When you are flaccid you should not even know about it during normal activities and when you get hard, you will have an incredible erection almost a bit painful one and your penis might turn purple color for a bit. Do not panic just let it go back to normal. Again, if you can put one index finder inside the base ring when it is around your flaccid penis and testicles you will be fine. If you feel ring during normal activities, like watching TV it might be too small, but if you can put two fingers in the base ring it is definitely too large. Give it a day or maybe even sleep in it. Nocturnal erections will be your worst enemy on your 24/7 caged journey. With just a ring you will get a small bite of what to expect at night. To be honest when the full cage is on, the base ring will actually feel better than when you just have the ring without the cage. If your base ring is not good order new cheap device or different ring for the cage you have. This experiment will give you the base ring diameter. Do not use a small ring that would restrict the blood flow and you would not be able to pee in it, but the large ring is no go also. Only order monolithic rings. There are rings you can close from two segments together, but that will pinch you often. Also there are cages that have pins that go to the base ring for everything to sit properly. That will pinch you also. Stay away! That is good for fantasy not for 24/7. Only one solid, smooth medical stainless steel ring with a post for the cage. Nothing should pinch. When you go for custom cage, you can order several rings around this measurement and that is what I did. I got 1 5/8 in — 4.1275 cm and 1 1/2 in — 3.8100 cm base rings both oval.
4. Now we have the base ring done and we can do inside diameter and length. I used flexible soft measuring tape and measured circumference of my penis and computed the diameter. The inside cage diameter really has to be almost exactly the same as your flaccid penis. It is important that the cage diameter is not smaller. That can lead to issues, but a larger diameter is not good either as that will allow your penis to get erect. When your penis gets erect it will grow and it will put a force on the cage, which will pull your cage forward and the base ring with it. Therefore it is important that your penis cannot grow and your keyholder does not want it to grow anyway. When you prevent growth of the penis, you will lower the force on the cage and the base ring. Again, there are guides on how to measure and yet I measured it wrong. I had to send my custom built cage back and that is fine. Please expect setbacks and make adjustments. This will take time. When flaccid, your penis has to touch the cock cage bars. I am not circumcised and that creates some challenges too. We will talk about it a bit later. Your penis glans has to touch the cage. Do not retract your foreskin to test length. Just leave it alone in your normal state, but do not measure to the tip of the foreskin. There is still quite a gap and your penis could grow. Sometimes your penis will shrink a bit more and that is fine. I am talking about your normal state. In your normal state the penis has to touch the cage, in both length and diameter. I know we guys like to think we have a big penis, but don’t do it. Please go a bit smaller. I ordered 2 1/2 in cage, and I was 1/2 in off. Now I have 2 in — 5.080 cm length and it is perfect. As I said, this is not the overall length because of the gap. Bottom line, the cage has to perfectly fit your penis. It needs to be nice and snug.
5. The gap. The gap is the distance between the base ring and the cock cage. It is also one of the hardest to get. Unfortunately, one of the most important for comfort. If the gap is too small, your sack will start to burn. It is very uncomfortable with a small gap. Many guides say that 3/8 in is a good gap, but that was a disaster for me. In general, if your testicles are low and you have low sack the gap can be smaller and if you are high and tight the gap should be bigger, but there is really very large swing in values. This is really impossible to know until you test it. Therefore, I got custom made 3 rings with different gaps. I have 1/2 in, 9/16 in and 5/8 in gaps. That is total 6 rings (1 5/8 in diameter base ring with gap of 1/2 in, 9/16 in, and 5/8 in, and 1 1/2 in diameter base ring with gap of 1/2 in, 9/16 in, and 5/8 in) I ordered from Mature Metal and it was the right decision. This way I can adjust as I need to and believe me it will be needed. The skin does stretch and things adjust over time and this way, I can go down the base ring size if I need to and also in gap.
6. If you have foreskin as I do, and I will never allow anyone to cut it, there are some challenges. However, those can be solved. Just to put it in perspective, there are between 10,000 and 20,000 specialized erotogenic nerve endings of several types in foreskin. I am very happy I have it and I would rather solve couple of issues with the cock cage. One thing that helps are inverted front bars on Jail Bird. There are some other tricks I will discuss later.
7. Lock versus screw. The lock sounds so romantic and she has a key, but for 24/7, it is very impractical. If you want 24/7 chastity you need a security screw. First, lock no matter how good will not perfectly clamp the cage and the base ring together. A lock will allow things to move around and that is not what you want. Moreover, a lock bounces, it is very difficult to sleep with, it pinches, just don’t do it. I tried. I understand it is less romantic for your keyholder to have a screwdriver, but it is much more practical than a key.

Here is my Jail Bird from Mature Metal:
* Inside diameter 1 3/8 in — 3.4925 cm
* Base ring diameter 1 5/8 in — 4.1275 cm (oval)
* Gap between cage and base ring 5/8 in — 1.5875 cm
* Length 2 in — 5.080 cm

As I said, I have several rings so as I grow into it, I can adjust. Before we move forward, I have to say that Mature Metal, Mistress MM and her husband Willam are fantastic. Yes, Jail Bird will cost you some money, but I can say it is worth every penny. They are awesome and I would recommend Mature Metal to anyone. I wish Mature Metal would do titanium, but I understand manufacturing challenges.

Now you have a perfectly fitted cock cage and you think you are done. Well unfortunately not. Yes, it will fit exceptionally well, but your body still needs to adjust and learn. You have a very restrictive metal device around your private parts. Take your time. Start slow. Go couple of hours and then a day, then couple of days and then try one night. Give your body time to accommodate. You will find that no matter how well-fitted cage you have, you will still feel some discomfort. When you are doing normal day-to-day stuff it should be ok, but when you get hard, it will still tug and pull. You will feel a lot of pressure. What helped me is vaseline. I also saw some people using baby oil. Basically, lubrication helps as you train your body to adjust. For foreskin pinching, I found nursing pads being recommended in some chats. Those really work. Oh man, it will create a small cushion in your underwear and it will be so comfy. Wear tight underwear also. As I mentioned, nocturnal erections are very strong and it will probably wake you up. Maybe overtime it subsides, but at the beginning it is brutal. There is very little known medically about nocturnal erections and 24/7/365 cock cage wearing. I found some suggestions that letting your penis free 2-3 nights per month is the best and I like that approach. At the end, for us it is about enjoyment, comfort and certainly being safe and staying healthy. Now it will just take time to get used to it. We are already having a lot of fun with my wife and I cannot wait to see our journey with my cock caged to evolve.

 by EastBay Wolf
PA compatible!

Before I tried the Jail Bird, I’d worn two other devices and attempting to wear each for at least a week without a cleaning. But my PA hole (ring is 2g ; 3/4” I.D.) would always get irritated after 2-3 days, as those devices weren’t made specifically for a PA ring. They’d either tug or pinch flesh, and it would be 3 days in, 2 days out. Very frustrating to try to build up libido.

My husband had a Jail Bird he bought several years ago for himself. I was intrigued by the open design and wondered if my PA would simply slide freely between the bars. His base ring didn’t fit me, but I worked with MM to order a new one (double ring, oval design) which fits perfectly and looks hot.

I’m now set for long-term wear, since: (1) the PA is totally comfortable and floats freely - no pinching; and (2) the general open design makes it immensely easier to clean without removal, which was impossible in the other 2 devices. I can daily clean even the “hard to get at” spots with Hibiclens®️ and a shower sprayer. When done, I use a hair dryer to make sure everything is dry to help it stay clean. No issues so far!

So I think I can wear this cage with my PA for literally months and years without needing to take it off, except for when my KH (husband) wants full access. We’re now 3 months into long-term chastity, and he shows no signs of wanting me out of my cage. I’m kinda loving it.

For their great customer service (fast turnaround on my base ring) and their “open”, easy-cleaning access, and PA-compatible design, I give the Jail Bird and Mature Metal 5 stars!

 by Miss Luci
Perfect Custom Cage!

Mature Metal delivers an amazing product with The Jailbird and the best customer service you could ask for! After wasting time and money on pre-built cages that were uncomfortable for my sub, we found Mature Metal and Mistress MM helped us find the perfect fit. The cage is comfortable to wear, easy to clean, and I'm sure durable enough to last a lifetime in chastity!

 by Happy buyer from Europe
Amazing in every way! 10/10

Comfortable to wear, easy to wash, great quality and design. The advantages of this wonderful device can only be said in superlatives. Take your time to find out your correct dimensions and measure everything again and again. There is no reason to hurry! In return, you will receive the perfect chastity device you have always dreamed of. Our cage arrived in Poland (Europę) in less than two weeks and from the first day I wore it continuously for over a week. I took it off only because it was the will of my Wife / KH. The cage is superior to the current CB6000 in every way. My Wife and I are delighted. This item is worth any money. Don't hesitate. I recommend it with all my heart. If you want to go pro, I don't see a better way than to get this gem. Mature Metal you are the true magicians. XOXO

 by RJK
Fantastic fit

I wanted to wait before giving a review. I've had my jailbird for almost 2 years. The wife loves it and its comfortable enough to wear 24/7. I've been wearing it for a year straight and on average have been let out every 2 months or so. Also easy to clean and the security screw is well worth the money. No jiggling lock and clinking noise.

 by John Anctil
Best decision!

If I could give this product, more stars it would! The company manufactures not only the classiest devices, but they are very, very comfortable! There is absolutely no pinching or anything that causes irritation or chaffing! Can easily be cleaned without taking it off! It’s very important that you adhere to their instructions on measuring yourself prior to ordering!
The quality of this product is exceptional!
I also really love the security screw option, as this eliminates the bulky lock!

 by Ryan
Perfect fit for long term chastity!!

After trying countless cages across the spectrum for years I never thought of going for a custom cage but I must say it was the best decision I made. Currently I have been locked for over 2 months straight with no issues with the cage at all.
I have always been able to pull out of the other cages I have tried previously but this is not the case with this device, having it custom fit to my body has been immensely comfortable and secure, not allowing any room for pullout or even getting hard at all.
Here is to many many many more months locked tight under my Sir's watchful eye.

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