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The Queen’s Keep is very durable and has an open front design that makes it easy to clean without removing the device. It is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to hide under clothes for 24/7/365 wear. It is so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing it at all!

The punishment pin and security screw options are available for this item.  The inside diameter has to be 1 1/4″ or larger and the length must be at least 1 3/4″ for the punishment pin option to fit.

BUILD TIME is 6-8 weeks from date of order.

Please email your rush request to maturemetal@grandecom.net, an invoice will then be sent to you.   Your build time will start the day the invoice is paid.  Mailing time is not included in the build time.
The prices are in addition to the cage order.

Device is constructed of 1/8″ X 1/2″ flat bar and 1/8″ round rod to construct the cage on the tip.  Please know that a proper size lock should sit sideways.
Base ring is made from 1/4″ round bar. All parts are handmade and can be built to any size. Made of 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Weight About 5.0 OZ.


If adjustments are needed, we will need the cage and ring returned.

Lock not included.

Your device will be mailed USPS priority mail (no signature required) within the US or USPS priority express international for orders outside the US.
You are responsible for ALL duties and taxes issued by your country. Please check with your local postal service if you have any questions about your duties and taxes.



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Mature Metal
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 28 reviews
 by Zac
Worth Every Penny

A little backstory to give a bit of context: My wife (and keyholder) and I have been toying with chastity off and on for a number of years. I started out with your standard, entry-level plastic CB model. While it might be good for the most casual user, its problems became pretty apparent pretty quickly. We had the most common issues, like the fact that it accumulated sweat and body oil and other nasties pretty quickly, meaning I had to remove it every other day for a thorough cleaning. And where's the fun in that? Added to that, as a grower, not a shower, I had my own set of problems. Being a grower, I swell A LOT in chastity and often found myself swelling out of the little vent holes pretty drastically. To make matters worse, the edges of the vent holes were sharp corners and one day, I swelled up and the edges broke the skin. After that, I was determined to get something better.

Enter Mature Metal's Queen's Keep. A chastity device, especially one meant for longer term (or in my case, 24/7) wear, is something you should REALLY get custom made. DO NOT be turned off by the price tag. It will be worth it, I swear. The ability to customize the sizing of pretty much every measurement to within a quarter-inch means you don't have to deal with the 'one-size-'fits'- all' nature of entry-level plastic models. This makes all the difference, in particular if you're a grower. I was able to go down to a slightly narrower tube and the difference was night and day. No more slipping back and bunching up in the tube. The open design means you can swell up without having to worry about any pain. All the bars and every surface is rounded, meaning no sharp edges to pinch or cut or chafe. Cleaning while wearing the device is a breeze, meaning that if you're diligent, you'll never have to remove it to tidy up. The steel is smooth as glass and polished shiny, so you can add 'looks great' to the list of pros as well. And this might be subjective, but I just feel more 'secured' in something metal than in my old, plastic cage.

TL:DR - If you're serious about chastity in a long-term sense, a bespoke device is an absolute must. And the Queen's Keep is perfect in pretty much every way. Don't let the price dissuade you - once it's in your hands and locked in place, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

 by mike
Absolutely amazing

The Queen's Keep has got to be the best chastity cage I've owned yet. Once your body gets used to it and you've got the size right it will be the most comfortable and practical chastity cage you may ever wear! It is so comfortable I can sleep through the night without issue, wear any clothes without awkward bulges, and just do whatever I need to without hinderance. Did I forget to mention that metal detectors and TSA body scanners won't pick it up? That's right - you can wear this everywhere. Metal detector wands? No issue. TSA? No issue. Metal detector walk-through? No issue.

Folks, these cages are the real deal. Save yourself the money with the cheapo plastic devices - there's no point. Mature Metal cages are where it's at!

PS: their customer service is some of the best I've ever worked with, hands down. Prompt replies and fast shipping and they're very kind. You can even call them if needed. A+.

 by Rob

I have been wearing my Queens Keep for 2 months now.Others have commrnted on MM's quality and service. I just want to say this wonderful device has saved my marriage of 20 years.Thank You Mistress MM and William!

 by john

Fit perfect the first time! Great customer service and excellent quality workmanship, the Queens Keep is the real deal, you are locked up until your key holder decides otherwise. My M is very pleased with the investment. Thanks M MM

 by Mel Simms
Love it. Best thing ever

I put mine on 2 months ago. CB 6000 broke on me, others rusted and cut me.
But the Queens keep is so nice, It's comfortable the oval ring is so nice. and I hope I never have to take it off. I like the fact that I'm rendered useless in the penis department. I now look at women to serve. So I can do what they want. I want to pamper them now. I now love women and not my penis. My life is changed for the better.
Thank You mistress M.M.

 by Dan
Locked for her

I have owned many chastity devices. But I must say nothing compares to the queen keep. It is the most comfortable some times I don't even know it's there it has been locked on since fri and my wife now has a new lover so I'm guessing it will be locked on for a long time but I'm glad it's queens keep

 by MIss Catherine's PET
Functional Art… un-matched!!!

THE BEST chastity device on the market! Security, comfort, affordability unmatched! My wife is my Queen and key holder we have shared our love and this lifestyle for over ten years! We have tried many of the other male chastity devices on the market. They are just toys compared to the workmanship and quality of Mature Metal custom made products. I have broken two CB series products in my sleep! and one while my Queen rubbed my neck at the movie theater! LOL LOL I have been in my Queen's Keep for almost two months… I waited to write this review because I wanted to speak from experience… I can assure you now you will not be disappointed The staff at Mature Metal are Wonderful… be sure to purchase a sizing kit first and take advantage of their experience to get the best Mature Metal product for you! Feel free to contact me at 'Chastity Mansion' if I can help you in your journey towards the ultimate in chastity! Miss Catherine's PET

 by K3ptman
Queen's Keep

The device is pure awesomeness. That goes without saying. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the customer service is beyond excellent. I've needed adjustments on mine, and each time they are done quickly with the device returning back to me within 10 days. The only note I'll make - expect to have some adjustments. I don't think there is a way you can measure and get it 100% right the very first time. Everyone's anatomy is different, and while the sizing ring kit is a MUST to get close, it will likely only get you close. All in all, I will come to Mature Metal for every purchase from here out in the future. Excellent company providing to a fringe market of folks like you and I.

 by David Hernández

I received my device 3 days ago.
I wear it since he came, even sleeping, is perfect, lightweight, comfortable, hard, soft.
I bathe with, is to clean without removing the device.
The handwork and as, with care and precision is the best, perfectly fits my body.
It's awesome!
Mature Metal is best.
I was trying other chastity devices, plastic and other metals. Mature but Metal is the best.
I live in Spain and no problem, they are very profesionales.Te help and advise so that you leave no doubt.
Loving women from Spain controlled male chastity, do not lose more time or more money. Mature Metal is authentic and genuine.
MetalMature recommend 100%.
Thank M. M. My wife is very happy and me too.
He recibido mi dispositivo hace 3 dias.
Lo llevo puesto desde que llego, incluso durmiendo,es perfecto, ligero, comodo, duro, suave.
Me baño con el , se limpia sin necesidad que quitar el dispositivo.
El trabajo hecho a mano y a medida, con cariño y precision es lo mejor, se adapta perfectamente a mi cuerpo.
Es impresionante!!
Mature Metal es lo mejor.
Estube probando otros dispositivos de castidad, de plastico, y otros metales. pero Metal Mature es el mejor.
Yo vivo en España y ningun problema, son muy profesionales.Te ayudan y asesoran, para que no te queden dudas.
Amantes de la castidad masculina controlada por mujeres de España, no perdais mas el tiempo, ni mas dinero. Metal Mature es autentico y genuino.
Recomiendo MetalMature al 100%.
Muchas Gracias M.M. Mi mujer esta muy contenta y yo tambien.

 by Cape Cod Richie
Wow, I'm chastised!

Received my Queen's Keep 2 weeks ago. I had stayed in chastity for 3 weeks prior to receiving it (with another device) to really test if I got the tube size right (this time). I pretty much did. Skin bulges a bit out of the tiny tube; time will tell.

When I put it on I don't even know it's there. I don't lose a cracker (testicle) when doing strenuous, bending outside type work. I cannot even begin to get erect which is what I was striving for.

I used the sizing rings even though I have been through 11 devices in the past 14 years and all have been trapped ball devices except 1 (full metal belt).

I'm at 5 weeks now in this Chastity Run and believe I may be able to break my record of 69 Days.

Mr. & Mrs. Mature Metal are great to work with. The workmanship of the device is excellent.

Don't mess around, go for custom made. I am compact & "high & tight" and have a perfect fit. It's been a challenge & a struggle through the years to make this chastity fantasy into a reality and I think I have been successful.

Rich & Mrs. Keyholder
Cape Cod, MA.

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Cage Inside Diameter

1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4", 1 3/8", 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2 1/8", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 5/8", 2 3/4", 2"

Base Ring Inside Diameter

1 1/4", 1 3/8", 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2", 2 1/8", 2 1/4", 2 3/8", 2 1/2", 2 5/8", 2 3/4", 2 7/8", 3"


1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/4", 3 1/2", 3 3/4", 4", 4 1/4", 4 1/2", 4 3/4", 5"


1/4", 3/8", 1/2"


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